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“We had no money when we arrived in Jordan,” Sabeen told me. “Marriage was my only chance to give my daughter protection and security.”

Stories like Sabeen’s are all too common among Syrian refugees I met in Jordan. Many mothers feel forced to arrange marriages for their daughters, fearing there is no other way for their children to survive.

Sabeen’s 13-year-old daughter is now pregnant. With very few reproductive health services in the camps, Sabeen worries that her daughter's young body cannot handle the stress of pregnancy.

As a MADRE supporter, you know that forced marriage of girls is nothing new. But we’re addressing the needs of these girls head on. We're working with refugee girls and their families to offer them alternatives. And your gift today will purchase safe birth kits for our midwife partners in Jordan to help young mothers deliver their babies safely. 
The world over, women are denied their fundamental reproductive rights — by their governments, by poverty, by a lack of information and more. In places where we work, your support helps women fight for their right to receive access to even the most basic of reproductive healthcare:
  • In Palestine, MADRE partners with Midwives for Peace to ensure that Palestinian women in the West Bank give birth safely and healthily. Your tax-deductible gift today is a tribute to their important work.
  • In Guatemala, MADRE partners with the Women Workers' Committee to hold regular women's health fairs in the impoverished community of Barcenas. Your tax-deductible gift today will keep this critical program going strong.
  • In Kenya, MADRE partners with the Indigenous Information Network operating shelter schools for girls, offering them an alternative to the devastating fate of forced marriage and early pregnancy. Your tax-deductible gift today will buy critical supplies to keep our shelter schools up and running.


Thanks to you, we’re working hard to make reproductive health a reality for the women worldwide that we support together. But the need is still great. That’s why we created our Women’s Health Fund which provides regular check-ups and health resources for women who need urgent care.
Thank you,
Yifat Susskind
Executive Director

P.S. – If we can raise $20,000 in the next 60 days, our Women’s Health Fund will be able to support a health fair in Barcenas, Guatemala … provide critical health education to girls in Kenya … and fund safe birthing kits for midwives in Palestine and Israel. Please support our Women’s Health Fund with a tax-deductible gift today!