Support Emergency Aid for Gaza

We must act quickly while the fragile ceasefire holds. Hundreds of people are badly injured after the latest explosion of violence in Gaza and Israel. You can help bring urgent aid to families in Gaza who have no other source of help. Please act on your compassion. Bring healing to wounded and traumatized children in Gaza, and stand with our Israeli and Palestinian partners for peace. Your life-saving gift today will be matched by a generous donor.

Every death brings a lifetime of grief for loved ones left behind. Every attack that decimates homes, schools, and clinics puts women and families on an even longer road to recovery. 

Mothers in Gaza and in Israel are haunted by the same fear—that the next moment could bring a blast that harms their children and destroys their happiness. As a mother and as a peace activist, I want to reach out to other mothers in their time of greatest need.

I urge you to join me and help us send emergency aid today. Your support today can save lives and help children heal.


Our partners in Gaza—community health workers committed to peace and human rights—were there, providing urgent medical care, even as the bombs fell. With hundreds of people injured in Gaza, they must continue their critical work to save lives and heal the wounded. They told me that medical supplies are running low at their clinics. They need every type of blood for transfusions, sterilization kits, needles, anesthetics, catheters, oxygen and more.

Your gift - fully tax-deductible as always - will help children who have been hurt and traumatized in these attacks. These kids need urgent care and physical therapy to heal from the wounds they’ve suffered. Some will need wheelchairs and crutches.

Here are ways that your gift can help:

  • $40 pays for 1 unit of blood for emergency blood transfusions
  • $50 provides an emergency medical kit with gauze, bandages and antibiotic ointment
  • $200 buys a pediatric wheelchair for a disabled child
  • $500 funds a generator, a vital need to power a clinic

Our local partners are ready and willing to provide the immediate relief that your gift makes possible. And thanks to our matching gift campaign, your gift will be doubled in value for women and families in Gaza.

As a supporter of MADRE, I know that you agree with me that no child should have to be afraid for their life, no matter what side of a border they are born on. To turn this ceasefire into lasting peace, we need to demand an end to Israel's blockade and occupation of Palestinian land and safety from armed attacks for all people in the region. We're committed to pushing the Obama Administration for a human rights-based policy in the Middle East. But right now, the most urgent thing is to heal people’s suffering.

We can’t always know when and where the next crisis will strike. But with your vital support, we can respond immediately when our sisters call for help—in Palestine, in Israel and across the world. Please make an emergency gift to MADRE today.

Thank you,

Yifat Signature.jpg

Yifat Susskind
Executive Director

P.S. Remember – your gift today will be doubled in value thanks to our matching gift campaign. Please give generously. 


Emergency Gifts Will Be Matched!

Because of the severity of this crisis, the MADRE supporter who made our matching gift campaign possible has agreed include the gift you make today in the match. I hope you will use this opportunity to double your support for women and families in Gaza.


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