Stand with MADRE Heroes

c. Daniel Smith

We have great news!

Our partner in Haiti, KOFAVIV, has captured the attention of the world through the nomination of its co-founder, Malya Villard-Appolon, for the prestigious CNN Heroes Award.

It was with your help that Malya won this honor for her extraordinary and moving contributions to the lives of rape survivors in the tent cities of Port-au-Prince.

Thanks to you, KOFAVIV has protected and empowered more than 4,000 rape survivors. But our work to fight sexual violence isn’t finished. Will you help KOFAVIV continue its critical work?


  • $2,000 will help pay for a lawyer and youth counselor for one month
  • $1,000 will organize awareness trainings so that hospital workers, police and judges learn to treat rape as a serious crime and give survivors the respect they deserve
  • $150 will help keep KOFAVIV’s rape hotline up and running for one month
  • $75 will provide ten emergency first-aid kits for rape survivors

It takes all kinds of heroes to change the world: those who lead in the public eye, those who dare to risk all for a better life, and those who quietly do what they can to support each success. 

Even though Malya is in the spotlight right now, all of the women we work with are heroes. Every day, they stand up against powerful opposition and fight for equality. They are active wherever violence and brutality against women goes unchecked - and your support is behind them.  

c. OWFITogether we’re fighting violence against women in Afghanistan and Iraq where anonymous activists brave death threats to guide women through MADRE-supported “underground railroads,” much like the one that once led African-American slaves to safety.

c. Natalia CarusoIn Kenya, you’re fighting sexual violence and oppression by supporting mothers who risk all to bring their daughters to MADRE-supported schools, so that the girls are safe from child marriage and genital mutilation. 


c. Elizabeth RappaportAnd in Guatemala, where the killing of women is an everyday atrocity, the power of one you hold as one MADRE member enables us to set up community watch groups, lead anti-violence trainings and counseling for women and families..  



Thousands of brave women just like Malya have the strength to face abuse and cruelty, in Haiti and around the world—because they know that you are behind them.

Will you stand with our heroes?



Photo Credit: Daniel Smith