See the Change: 30 Years of Global Women's Activism (A MADRE Photo Exhibit)

Since 1983, MADRE has partnered with our sisters in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East to remake the world. Together, with people like you, we've sent humanitarian aid to communities torn apart by war and disaster. We've stood with women and girls to demand their rights to health, education, freedom from violence, and more. And we've just gotten started.

The photographs we chose for our 30th anniversary exhibit tell the story of MADRE--a story of women defying the odds to defend their communities and their rights. These are just a few images that portray our history and capture a struggle fueled by love and waged with determination and joy.

*For more details and photo credits, click the titles below.

Meeting Urgent Needs

Protecting People and the Planet

Demanding the Right to Health and Freedom from Violence

Building Peace

Taking to the Streets

For the Children

The Mothers of MADRE

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