Mothers Springing Into Action

Syria: Mothers Soothing Their Daughters’ Fears

(c) Meena LennMADRE is on the ground at the Syrian refugee camp in Jordan with our partners, midwives trained to work in crisis settings and deliver humanitarian aid to women and families who need it most. Learn more:

Nicaragua: Mothers Preventing Waterborne Disease

(c) Elizabeth RappaportMADRE and our local partners Wangki Tangni are working to build a water culture founded on the belief that clean drinking water is not only a vital resource, but an inherent, universal human right. Learn more:

Iraq: Mothers Healing Their Children from War

(c) OWFIMADRE is working with our local partners OWFI to meet the needs of families trying to rebuild their lives in Haweeja. Together, we are providing humanitarian aid, medical assistance and counseling to families whose children are afflicted by birth defects, pediatric cancers and other health threats. Learn more:

Kenya: Mothers Protecting Their Daughters from Harm

(c) Henry ChalfantWith our partner organization, the Indigenous Information Network, MADRE supports the Nanyori Shelter Network, a group of six shelters that feed and care for hundreds of girls who have escaped forced early marriage and female genital mutilation. Learn more:

Cuba: Mothers Demanding Care for Their Children

(c) Rick MillerIn Cuba, MADRE works to meet urgent health needs of Cuban families and to change US policy towards Cuba. We call for an end to the embargo and to advocate for normalized relations that respect Cuba women and families. Learn more: