Make a Difference for Mothers

Whatever else is unsure in this world, a mother's love is not. 

© Bradley Parker

“My daughter Rosemary was killed by a man in the street. I dreamed of finding justice for her, but the police refused to investigate. MADRE put pressure on the police and the courts, and it worked. This year, Rosemary’s killer was convicted. Thank you.” 

— Betty Gonzalez, Guatemala

Everywhere I travel representing MADRE, mothers burn with determination to protect their children from the violence they themselves have endured. They’re driven to unimaginable acts to save their girls from the cruelties of oppression. During war and disaster, they find the strength to see past the rubble of their ruined homes and the flapping tents of refugee camps to envision new possibilities for their children.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I’m asking you to acknowledge all the fierce mothers of this world by renewing your MADRE membership with a gift today.

To sustain and expand all of our urgent programs, we must raise $47,000 immediately, to keep the doors of the shelters open for Iraqi women, to provide domestic violence counseling to Guatemalan women, to bring clean water to communities in Kenya, and so much more. Your tax-deductible gift will make a visible and important difference to mothers and their children everywhere we work


For many thousands of these mothers every year, it’s MADRE alone that appears on the scene with emergency aid focused on women’s needs…it’s MADRE alone that collaborates with local activists to bring informed solutions to ongoing problems … it’s MADRE alone that gives mothers reason to believe that the future can be better for their children. 

© Jessica Alderman

“Roadblocks and checkpoints make it impossible to get to hospitals in time when you’re in labor. I spent my pregnancy in fear, until MADRE helped. You made sure a midwife came to my home to check up on me. Then she came again to deliver my daughter safely. It was a difficult birth. You saved our lives.”

— Adeela, West Bank, Palestine

In Syria, people are facing the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Your gift today will deliver life-saving medical supplies to families who fled their homes. And you’ll support our training for Syrian women to document and prosecute rape as a weapon of war.

In Haiti, your gift today will help women organize to win laws against rape… in Guatemala, your gift today will provide women facing abuse with counseling and medical care… in Afghanistan and Iraq, your gift today will provide emergency transportation, shelter and other essentials for women escaping abuse… and so much more.

Our name, MADRE, conveys the nurturing strength that you and every one of us bring to this amazing organization of ours. It calls to mind the only love that surpasses all boundaries — a mother’s love.

Please honor mothers who defend their children in the worst of circumstances with a gift today. You’ll reach out a helping hand… and you’ll be honoring all the mothers in your life who have nurtured and protected you. Thank you.



Yifat Susskind
Executive Director

P.S. Here’s an idea: Honor your mother, or another mother, with a tax-deductible Mother’s Day gift to MADRE. She won’t forget your beautiful gesture — a gift of hope for a better future. I’ll make sure she receives a card telling her of your meaningful gift. Thank you so much again.