Stories from the Nanyori Network of Girl's Shelters


They call her “Gogo,” Swahili for grandmother

Pricilla Naisula Nangurai is the director of a school shelter in the Nanyori, or “You Are Loved” Network. Gogo has personally helped 702 young girls to escape harmful traditional practices including female genital mutilation and early forced marriage. The first girl brought into the shelter is now 25 years old and is currently studying medicine in Nairobi.  Go, Gogo!

A remarkable little girl

“Rose” is 13 years old, but at age 8, she had the courage to run away from home to escape female genital mutilation and forced marriage. She found her way to Gogo’s shelter, where she’s been ever since. Rose is excelling in her studies at the shelter and wants to grow up to be a women’s doctor. Still, she worries for her two younger sisters at home. She wants to do anything she can to save them from being married before they can finish school.


A mother who wouldn’t give up

When Mary learned of her husband’s intention to marry off her young daughter, at first she felt hopeless. She remembered her own marriage at just 14 years old and giving up her dreams of becoming a teacher. She wanted to protect her daughter but couldn’t see an alternative—yet she wouldn’t give up. Then she found out about the Nanyori Network of girls’ school shelters. Mary brought her daughter there. Now, the young girl is safe and has the chance to learn. She, too, wants to become a teacher—and she’s well on her way!

Your donation to the Nanyori Shelter Network in Kenya will provide girls with school materials, clothes, shoes, food, clean water, health care, medicines, personal care products, matresses–everything needed to educate, empower and protect young girls at risk.

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Photo Credit: MADRE