Helping Hands: Trading War for Art in Colombia

c. Taller de VidaTogether with MADRE, our partner organization, Taller de Vida, offers a new life to children in Colombia at risk of being recruited as child soldiers in the continuing armed conflict. Many are also former child soldiers.

Through Taller de Vida, they receive the support they need to create alternatives to a life of combat and violence.

Taller de Vida offers trauma counseling, education and a variety of after-school arts enrichment programs. From sculpting intricate bowls to engaging in spoken-word performances, children are given creative platforms to express themselves. They use art to confront and overcome painful memories.

You can help children of conflict build a future of peace by donating:

  • Paint and Paint brushes
  • Crayons, Markers and Color Pencils
  • Drawing Paper and Coloring Books
  • Cameras and Video Cameras
  • Theater Props (costumes, masks, etc.)
  • Play Books (Spanish only)
  • Arts and Craft Supplies (beads, feathers, etc.)

If you don’t have the supplies to donate, but still want to make a contribution to these children, you can make a donation to help alleviate the costs of shipping supplies to Colombia.

How to Donate Supplies:

Mail or Drop-off your items to:

Attn: Helping Hands
121 West 27th Street Suite 301
New York, NY 1000


Photo Credit: Taller de Vida