Helping Hands: Light the Way with a Solar Light Bulb for a Haitian Woman


MADRE is working with Gift of Light for Haiti to provide solar lights to women and families living in displacement camps. The bulbs will be sent to MADRE’s sister organization KOFAVIV.

Please use this link to purchase a solar light bulb to ensure it goes directly to KOFAVIV.

Product Description:

Your gift will provide one solar light bulb to a woman or family living in a displacement camp in Haiti.

In Haiti's displacement camps, sexual violence is rampant. Camps are overcrowded, without secure shelter, lighting or police. Women are raped in their tents, on the way to the latrine and while trying to bathe behind bits of plastic sheeting. With better lighting, women and girls in the camps will be safer from attack. MADRE is partnering with KOFAVIV and Gift of Light for Haiti to distribute solar light bulbs to women and families in displacement camps. Please help light the way.

Photo Credit: American Green International