Help Women in Pakistan Survive and Rebuild

Women waiting for aid in PakistanThe United Nations has rated the current flooding in Pakistan as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history. Twenty million people and over one-fifth of the country's area are affected by rising floodwaters. Already, more people are impacted by the Pakistan floods than were affected by the Southeast Asian tsunami and the recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined.  Militant groups are providing relief to survivors and complicating efforts by humanitarian organizations and governments.  And the record monsoon rains continue to fall.

MADRE's ally organization in the region, Shirkat Gah, has been working tirelessly with local communities in the hardest-hit areas to provide relief. Shirkat Gah was one of the first organizations to send field teams to help identify where large groups of displaced people had temporarily settled. They were able to dispatch mobile health units and distribute thousands of packages containing medicines, cooking supplies and a week’s worth of food for a family of six. They were also able to dispatch boats to rescue flood survivors trapped on rooftops and in trees.

Women are the most vulnerable to abuse, neglect, or oversight. MADRE's allies in the region are focusing on women's specific needs, and making sure those that have been overlooked are accounted for.  

You can help Shirkat Gah continue its vital work for women and children affected by the floods in Pakistan.  The crisis may fade from the news, but it's not over.  Help MADRE send funds to Shirkat Gah today.  Or, urge President Obama to increase US aid to Pakistan.