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(c) Midwives for PeaceYou are in a position of power. You are at the hub of a global network of revolutionaries for women’s rights. Together, we generate social change as no other women’s organization can. Please don’t step back when you are so needed!

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Will there be midwives to help women in labor, alone in tents outside Syria or trapped behind checkpoints in the West Bank? Will there be laws to ban marital rape in Haiti?

A Message from a Syrian Mother & Peace Activist

“Three years ago, when we began our peaceful demonstrations for freedom, we women were at the forefront of this new movement. But it was taken over by armed men.

“Everybody stopped listening to us, except for MADRE. We told you that we needed medical supplies for refugees, and you sent them. We told you about mothers struggling in the wake of brutal attacks, and you gave them trauma counseling. And you made sure that our voices were heard by those men in power.

“We're really grateful to MADRE.”

If you’ve already renewed your membership, thank you. If not, it’s not too late to give! To sustain and expand our programs, we must raise $47,000 immediately.

In Syriayour gift today will deliver life-saving medical supplies to families who fled their homes. And you’ll support our training for Syrian women to document and prosecute rape as a weapon of war.

And that’s not all.
In Haiti, even the poorest women told our sisters it’s more important to protect themselves from rape than to eat. Your membership gift today will help these women win laws against rape.
In Guatemala, our sisters' hair salon is a secret center for domestic violence counseling. Your membership gift today will connect women facing abuse to the support and services they need.
In Afghanistan and Iraq, you support the only underground escape routes for women fleeing extremist violence. Your membership gift today will provide emergency transportation, medical care and other essentials for women escaping abuse.

Always remember, your gifts reach women that only MADRE can reach and help in ways that only MADRE can help. Please show me you’re still with us. Make a tax-deductible gift today.

With great thanks and appreciation,

Yifat Susskind
Executive Director
P.S. - As a MADRE member, you are part of a circle of support that lets women know that you are holding them in your heart. Our challenges are many, and your help at any level makes a real difference. Please renew your commitment with a tax-deductible gift today. Thank you.