Help Save Lives in Syria

Dear Friends,

I am horrified. I know you are, too. Images of people seizing, foaming at the mouth, suffocating. Entire families lying dead, without a scratch on them.


Please act now to save lives with your donation.

$30 provides 60 vials of atropine, a nerve gas antidote

$45 provides 3 emergency resuscitator bags to help people whose breathing is in distress

$80 provides a chemical protective suit and a facemask for an emergency worker exposed to deadly gas

$100 helps provide supplies for emergency obstetric care for pregnant women

$200 provides an oxygen concentrator, a mechanism to supply oxygen to chemical gas victims

$500 helps provide a chemical decontamination tent to wash dangerous chemicals off of people exposed to nerve gas

$625 provides 1 month's fuel for a hospital in Syria

All the evidence says that these Syrian families were attacked with chemical weapons, a gross atrocity and a war crime.

These brutal chemical attacks wreaked havoc on the nervous systems of thousands of people. They arrived at the hospitals, many convulsing and suffocating from the effects of the attack. Supplies of atropine, the only available treatment for a chemical attack, have dwindled. Hundreds of Syrians are now dead, and thousands injured.

Will you help us deliver emergency medical aid into Syria? Please say you will.

Thanks to MADRE’s on-the-ground partnerships, your gift today will help bring Syrians the lifesaving aid they need. We’re working to replenish atropine supplies to treat chemical weapon victims in Syria.

And that’s not all. We’re supporting two women’s clinics. Your gift will help keep these clinics well-stocked with emergency medicines and reproductive health supplies.

Please be as generous as you can. As I write this, the US is gearing up for military action. Sadly, that will only mean more deadly violence in the region. Syrian women and families need our support—right now.

The majority of refugees spilling over the borders are women and children. We have hit a disastrous milestone: one million children are refugees.

As the war escalates, even more children will be forced from their homes. Our work with local organizations in Jordan supports these injured and traumatized kids and their mothers. These terrible chemical attacks have only increased the urgency of this work.

Please give today. 

Thank you,

Yifat Signature.jpg

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director

P.S. We are doing everything we can to ease this terrible suffering. Will you join us?