Help Save Lives in Gaza

PMRS Gaza Appea.jpgIf you’ve already given, thank you. Your gift is supporting our local partners who are risking their own lives to save others. If not, it’s not too late to give a gift that will deliver vital supplies for mothers and babies under siege in Gaza.

Emergency supplies are running low, and we must move fast to replenish them now. Will you join us?

The violence must end. The devastation must stop. MADRE calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Click here to read our demand for long-term peace and justice. 

I know that you have been just as heartbroken by the news out of Gaza and Israel these past weeks as I am. Over 2,100 Palestinians and 60 Israelis have been killed. Thousands of Palestinians have been injured, the vast majority of them civilians. 

When I called my sister in Tel Aviv, she described the stress of living under rocket fire with two small children. She also said, “at least we have shelters and doctors.” She was referring to Gaza, where civilians trying to escape the deadly bombs literally have had nowhere to hide. 

Entire homes have been destroyed and health centers demolished. Women and families in Gaza need your help now.

MADRE partners with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), a progressive grassroots health organization that stands for women's rights and human rights for all. The situation in Gaza is beyond dire, they told us. Hospitals and clinics are overcrowded. And they lack medicines, emergency supplies and equipment, even fuel for ambulances and generators.

Your gift will help provide urgently needed emergency medical supplies, including blood for transfusions, sterilization kits, needles, anesthetics, catheters, oxygen and more:
  • $40 pays for 1 unit of blood for transfusions
  • $50 provides an emergency medical kit with gauze, bandages and antibiotic ointment
  • $100 helps fuel our partners' emergency rescue vehicles to reach affected neighborhoods
  • $200 buys a pediatric wheelchair for a disabled child
  • $500 funds a generator to power a clinic
You have my promise that MADRE is equally committed to our partners in Palestine and Israel who tirelessly work for peace. But today, it's our sisters in Gaza who need our urgent help. When you give to MADRE, you can be sure that your gift will go directly to women and children in need.Please be there for them with a tax-deductible gift today.


With gratitude,

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Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director