Help Afghan Women Find Safety




MADRE has just forged powerful new partnerships with two groups of midwives in Afghanistan. I can’t tell you their names, because they must remain anonymous for their safety.

What I can tell you is that these midwives are in the unique position of being able to go from home to home, reaching out to women in the intimate setting of prenatal care and childbirth—and then offering those suffering life-threatening domestic violence an outstretched hand to safety and freedom through MADRE’s underground railroad.

Since its inception, the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund has saved the lives of women trapped in nightmarish situations, many who felt their only other recourse was suicide, usually through self-immolation.

Now through our partnerships with the midwives, the Survival Fund is reaching even more women, especially those trapped in the most vulnerable circumstances.

Today I’m asking you to help our midwife partners reach more endangered women and bring them to safety with a tax-deductible gift.

Your renewed support of the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund enables them to flee to safety.

At this moment, I’m worried about 17-year-old Setara who’s pregnant with a third child, and who wept when she told her midwife of daily sexual abuse. I want to raise funds to guide her to safety before that baby is born.

Will you help me? We’ve got to act now. Your donation will also go to help other heroes in our coordinated escape network who risk their lives for women’s rights. Among them are our midwife partners.

Afghanistan is often called the worst place in the world to be a woman. But every day, we work with courageous activists who are fighting to save women’s lives. We must help our Afghan sisters however we can, and all the heroes who are willing to risk death to guide them to safety.

Thank you,
Yifat Susskind
Executive Director


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