Health Workers Delegation to the Middle East

MADRE is partnering with Circle of Health International (COHI) to organize a delegation of health workers to the Middle East. We are sending physicians as well as psychologists with experience treating severe trauma to provide urgent care and to support local health workers.

MADRE and COHI have a long history of leading delegations of women’s health professionals to visit communities in crisis and to support our partner organizations.

The November-December 2013 delegation will travel to Turkey, Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel. Members of the delegation will engage in trainings and skills-sharing with local health workers, including Syrian doctors and nurses. With MADRE and COHI, they will also help deliver babies and train midwives.

The Turkey-Jordan portion of the trip will focus on healthcare and human rights for Syrian women refugees, including a training led by MADRE Human Rights Advocacy Director Lisa Davis. In Israel, the delegation will support health work with African refugees. In Palestine, delegates will help deliver babies and train midwives.

MADRE staff will also bring humanitarian aid supplies for distribution, including solar lanterns to provide refugee women with a crucial way to prevent night-time attacks.

We look forward to sharing updates when the delegation launches on November 11!

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