Helping Hands: Blow the Whistle on Violence against Women

Blow the Whistle on Violence against Women 

In Haiti and Guatemala, women are victims of sexual assault and violence on a daily basis.

In Haiti's displacement camps, sexual violence is rampant. Camps are overcrowded, without secure shelter, lighting or police. Women are raped in their tents, on the way to the latrine and while trying to bathe behind bits of plastic sheeting.

In Guatemala, thousands of women and girls are being raped, tortured and murdered with staggering rates of impunity. In the past decade, nearly 5,000 young women have been murdered in this way, some as young as ten.

Despite these immense challenges, change is possible. You can be a positive force of change by donating whistles to women in Haiti and Guatemala. These essential tools provide safety and security to women in communities without reliable protection. 

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