Double Your Impact for Women Worldwide

Thanks to you, women in Haiti, Palestine, Nicaragua and around the world have access to life-saving care that they didn’t just one year ago.  

Now, I urge you to maximize your Power of One. Your year-end gift to help MADRE expand on our victories will double in value during a special Matching Gift Opportunity.  Please seize this moment to make twice the impact. 


Dear Friend, 

If ever we needed a reminder of how important the work we do together is for women’s rights, the story of Malala in Pakistan, shakes us all to the bone. This 14-year-old girl wrote in her blog, “I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor in school. All I want is education. And I am afraid of no one.”  For her courage, she was shot in the head by the Taliban. 

This is what women and girls face for the rights that you so gladly and generously support. I’m proud to count you among us.

Your caring has been the engine behind our boldest moves in 2012 for women and girls just like Malala, who endure unspeakable injustices only because they are not male. Thank you.

This year, you empowered Afghan midwives to act as undercover agents helping women escape hidden, domestic violence... through your support, police proceedings in Haiti were revolutionized to help ensure justice for rape survivors... your gifts broke blockades that deny life-saving medical aid to Gaza… and that’s just the beginning.

Today, your year-end gift for women’s human rights will be doubled in value, thanks to a matching gift opportunity.  That means your gift will help us support twice as many of the bravest women in the world—women who find the strength to be brave through your friendship

Click here for a summary of our 2012 major accomplishments—and highlights of our dreams for the future, with your renewed help.

(c) Jessica AldermanAmina, one of our Midwives for Peace in the West Bank, told us this: “Every time I hold the hand of a woman in labor, I remember why I became a midwife. The safe, joyful birthing experience I wish to give every mother is often not possible under occupation. That's why I and the other Palestinian and Israeli midwives were so moved to receive the shipment of prenatal vitamins from MADRE. Thanks to you, anemia in pregnant women, so common here, can be controlled, and more women can have healthy births.” 

(c) OWFIHadal, a mother of a disabled child in Iraq wanted you to know her story: “My daughter was born paralyzed. Hundreds of other children in our village of Haweeja suffer the same fate, or worse, and we believe the cause can only be the years of US weapon testing nearby. This year, Yanar Mohammed of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq came and spoke to us. She told us we are not alone and showed us a letter from MADRE, saying that good people in the US are making it possible for doctors and hospitals here to bring care to our children. This means more than I can tell you. You have not forgotten us.” 

(c) Elizabeth RappaportAnd Jimena, in Nicaragua, told us the bittersweet story of her child’s birthday: “Four years ago, my son got sick from drinking bad water, and he died. Many children died the same way that year. But now, since MADRE cleaned and repaired the well, we have clean water. I don’t have to be afraid of the water I give to my daughter. We just celebrated her second birthday—she is older than her brother was when he died. I am so happy that she is alive and healthy. 

Time is of the essence, and we truly need your support. Now that the US elections are over, it is the perfect time to recommit ourselves to making the real change that women worldwide need. 

Remember that your tax-deductible gift will be doubled in value, and your Power of One will become multiplied for women’s human rights. Please let me count on you today. 

With all my gratitude,

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Yifat Susskind

Executive Director