Challenges for 2013

Just imagine what we could do in 2013 if we continue our momentum, accelerated by your continued commitment.  Following are a few key programs and challenges we intend to meet with your support in the months ahead. 

Keep KOFAVIV’s Women’s Center open and strong 

We must expand our rape recovery programs at the KOFAVIV Women’s Center to provide more girls with the daily necessities, emotional and medical support, human rights training, school mentoring, and sense of belonging they need to build a bright future after losing their families in the earthquake and then suffering rape. 

An estimated $30,000 this year will support these rape recovery programs.  Your gifts will help!


Help prepare for potential violence during elections in Kenya

The last major elections in Kenya turned bloody. An estimated 1,300 were killed and many were women and girls. Our partners are working to prevent more violence during next year’s elections. And we are determined to open the Nanyori Shelters to protect women and girls who may be targeted during the election. With your help, we’ll be able to cover the cost of food and necessities.

Please add just an extra few dollars to every gift to prepare for this emergency and others throughout the year.  


Combat malnutrition in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sudan, Kenya, Haiti, and beyond

Anemia and chronic malnutrition are rampant where climate change and armed conflict strip the land and uproot communities. 

Yet, every place we work, your support is empowering women to achieve sustainable solutions. They need your partnership and support. 

  • In Nicaragua, thanks to you, women are developing small-scale, organic family farms. They are thriving today through your generosity.  

Our goal is to raise at least $15,000 this year for the seed money and training to enable 200 more women to establish family farms. We need your help. 

  • In Guatemala, your support is enabling women to establish small chicken farms for food security and income, which among other benefits, enables them to buy books for their children to go to school.  So far, at least 50 women have established farms with your help. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000, which will enable us to help 100 women in desperately poor areas establish financial independence. You make this possible. 

  • In Sudan, your support has enabled 3,000 women farmers to rise above subsistence by unionizing. But the story’s far from over. 

Our goal is to raise $27,000 to give tools and seeds to women farmers whose families depend on them for survival. And we depend on you. 

  • In Kenya, drought and deforestation are threatening families’ survival. With your help, village women are leading projects to dig wells and build pipelines to bring clean water.  So far, MADRE has empowered women to reduce waterborne disease in the Emayian Maasai community.

If we can raise $50,000 in the coming months, we can bring clean water to 4 more villages. Please help. 

  • In Haiti, thanks to you, 20 women and girls every day receive hot lunches at the KOFAVIV Women’s Center to help them survive the poverty and malnutrition they face of living in crowded tent cities.   

We must raise $9,000 in the coming months to feed the women and girls who depend on us for the only nutritious food they will eat all day.  Your gifts will help!


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Nothing is more important than your participation in the work we do.  Please recommit yourself to the struggle for women’s human rights.  And remember, your donation will be doubled in value if you give before December 31, 2012!  Thank you.