Become a Founder of the Afghan Women's Survival Fund

Be a Part of Something New

Women in Afghanistan are being systematically killed for exercising their most basic human rights. MADRE is responding. We have launched the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund to deliver urgent support to women whose lives are threatened by the Taliban or other ultra-conservatives.

The Survival Fund supports an underground rescue network of women committed to providing shelter, communications and secret transport to women who have been targeted for attack.

Spread the Word

Today, we’re calling on you to help us spread the word. MADRE has created the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund Founders Circle and we want to invite you to join. The Founders Circle is a group of people committed to raising support for the Fund and helping to ensure that more people hear about this urgently-needed, concrete way to respond to an atrocity that we cannot ignore.

Being part of the Founders Circle does not require making an additional donation, although whatever you can give is appreciated. The Founders Circle will work to raise the profile of the Survival Fund through activities such as:
  • Writing letters to friends, family members and colleagues to tell them about what we’re doing (click here to forward MADRE's appeal for the Fund).
  • Hosting a gathering at your home, school or other community institution to spread the word and generate support.
  • Organizing a fundraising event, such as a restaurant night, battle of the bands, movie night, dinner party, garage sale, bake sale, fashion show, can drive, awareness day and more.

We would be happy to talk about any ideas you have, to brainstorm with you and to provide materials to make it easier for you to reach out to others.

Join the Founders Circle

Because the need is so great, we’re setting a specific goal for the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund Founders Circle. We’re asking each Founder to raise a minimum of $1,000 at the Friend level in support of Afghan women. Founders who raise $1,500 for the Survival Fund will achieve Defender status and those who raise $2,500 will be named Human Rights Champions.
When you join the Founders Circle by making a pledge to become a Friend, Defender or Human Rights Champion, MADRE will:
  • Include your name on our website’s special Founders Circle tribute page (if you choose, you can of course participate anonymously).
  • Send a message of support from you to each woman who receives aid through the Fund.
  • Send you a video report-back about each woman’s case so you can hear directly about how your support has made a difference. 

For more information or to join the Founders Circle, contact