Be the Light in Syrian Women's Lives

Syrian refugee families are reeling from the losses they've faced -- the homes they fled, the loved ones they left behind, the lives that will never be the same. And there’s one threat that’s too often forgotten: young refugee girls forced into marriages.

Many parents feel like they have no other choice. They hold out hope that their daughters will be cared for in marriage and that a dowry will help keep their family alive. But by selling their daughters, these girls lose the chance at schooling and they risk their lives in bearing children too early.

That’s why we’re working with our partners in the region to help make sure that these women and families have the care and resources they need. We’re creating real alternatives to forced early marriages of girls.


We’re organizing reproductive health workshops for parents to learn about the dangers of early childbearing and a women's income-generating project to create alternatives to selling their girls into marriage.

What’s more, women and girls are often still traumatized, having escaped the widespread rape that has become a tool of terror in the Syrian war. Even in the refugee camp, women and girls are afraid. One of our partners on-the-ground said:

"When darkness falls, the women are terrified to even go to the bathrooms. They are afraid that they will be attacked in the dark."

When asked whether a solar lantern would make a difference, she replied:

"This is urgently needed. They need this light in their life."

Please be the light in the lives of Syrian women and girls. A small delegation of midwives and activists will be delivering solar lanterns and other vital support to women in the camps early next month--your contribution is urgently needed.