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Luisa is a remarkable woman that you should know about. A member of our sister organization Wangki Tangni, she has dedicated the better part of her life to protecting women and girls fleeing brutal violence, often sheltering them in their own home.

Luisa opens her door to women still trembling and bleeding, and she hugs them until they stop shaking. She gives them clean clothes from her own closet, and she feeds them.

Membership-3-2013-Picture.jpgLuisa has never taken a salary for this work. In fact, she has almost no money. Last week, when her kidneys began to fail, she needed to pay for the gas in the ambulance to transport her to the hospital. And she needed to pay the doctors.

When Wangki Tangni asked for our help, I was so grateful to be able to say yes — and wire $1,000 for Luisa's emergency medical bills to Nicaragua within 5 minutes — because of your support of MADRE. Thank you!

Luisa has saved many women's lives. And now, you've helped to save hers. This is the kind of support that your commitment to MADRE makes possible. That is why I urge you to renew your membership with a tax-deductible gift today


Your sense of justice and generosity allows MADRE to focus on women's needs around the world that would otherwise be overlooked.

  • In Jordan's tent city for Syrian refugees, with your membership, midwives will be able to assist pregnant women who would have to deliver their babies unaided in terrible conditions.
  • In Iraq, children suffering high rates of birth defects and cancers near a polluted US munitions dump will not have medical care and rehabilitation, with your support.
  • In Haiti, with your backing, we're pushing forward groundbreaking legal reform to stop violence against women and overturn a ban on abortion.

As always, there's more to tell you, and no wonder. You are, after all, at the heart of a unique women's support system — one that has mobilized 88 progressive, community-based women's organizations in over 25 countries throughout the years.

Please show me you're with me by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Thank you,

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Yifat Susskind

Executive Director


P.S. - You can't be in Afghanistan to guide women to safety, or in Iraq to bring sick and disabled children to a medical center, or in the decision rooms of the UN where our sisters now have a voice. But MADRE can be, and we are there, through your generosity and activism. Please make a tax-deductible gift today to help do the work that can't be done without us.