A Letter from Executive Director Yifat Susskind

Dear Friend,

Every Mother’s Day, we are reminded to show our mothers how much we appreciate them.

You and I already understand the vital role that mothers play, every day of the year. The world over, it’s mothers who care for the most vulnerable among us. They give love, of course, but they also provide food, shelter, healthcare and education under the toughest conditions. Mothers are peacemakers. Mothers help build the world we all want to live in.

That’s why I am determined to stand with mothers year-round as they demand rights for themselves and their families. And I am so grateful that you’re standing with us. Your support gives strength to mothers—and to all the women—who are demanding safety, health and human rights.

In Guatemala, you help mothers forge solutions to the violence they and their daughters face at home and in the streets. In Palestine, your gifts allow mothers to give birth in peace, despite the conflict that surrounds them. In Sudan, your support gives women farmers the tools to feed their families. And with your backing, we’re winning new laws that support all women. Thank you!

Yifat (c) Henry ChalfantThank you for all you do to make our work with women and families worldwide possible!

With appreciation,