Donate Stock

Current tax laws favor people who contribute appreciated stock.

Your generous stock donation will support MADRE’s programs and provide you with an opportunity for tax savings.

So, donate stock today—and help support women’s human rights worldwide.

More Information

Notification of Donor Intent: The donor (or the transferring broker), must provide the following information:

    * Donor's name and address
    * Name and number of securities transferred
    * Approximate dollar value of gift
    * Broker's name and phone number

Electronic Delivery

The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic stock transfer.

  • DTC Number: 0226
  • Account Title: MADRE, Inc.
  • Account Number: 672 491 861
  • Custodian:Fidelity
  • Broker: Veris Wealth Partners
  • Name of Broker: Steve Fahrer
  • Number: 212-349-4172
Mail Delivery

You can also send your stock directly to MADRE. In separate envelopes, mail your stock form and your unendorsed certificate to:

121 West 27th St. #301
New York, NY 10001

If you have questions about making a stock donation to MADRE, please contact us at 212-627-0444 or


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