How to Give

Support Women's Human Rights Worldwide

When you give to MADRE, you know you're making a concrete difference in the life of a woman who is struggling to build a better future for herself and her family.  
Whether you're helping to build a clinic, feed a child, or deliver emergency aid after a disaster, you can feel confident that your gift will be used in a smart, efficient way.


Become a MADRE Fundraiser

Celebrating a milestone or looking for a way to honor the memory of a loved one? Create a personal fundraising page and encourage your network to give a gift that will support the work of our brave sisters who are on the frontlines of advancing women's human rights. Learn more here».

 Make Your Gift Monthly

c.Felipe Wiecheteck

Your monthly gift to MADRE makes an incredible difference to women fighting for their human rights. Your stable support allows us to better plan our programs throughout the year and provide consistent support for our sister organizations. Learn more » or Sign up »

Give a Very Special Gift

Give in honor of someone you care about

Make a donation in honor of someone, and we'll send that person a card telling them how their gift made a difference.

Choose an alternative gift from MADRE's Webstore, and your gift will change a woman's life.

Plan for the Future with MADRE

Mother and daughter - c.Elizabeth Rappaport

Planned giving enables you to play a crucial role in supporting long-term positive change for women and families worldwide. The term ‘planned giving’ covers a wide range of options, including income-generating gifts, transfers of real estate, stock donations, and bequests. Learn more »


Send Humanitarian Supplies

Child receiving humanitarian supplies in Nicaragua

MADRE's Helping Hands program provides women in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa with material necessities to meet their basic needs. These deliveries enable women to face immediate crises in their communities and move on to challenge the structures that deny them their basic rights. Learn more »


With questions or concerns, email us at or call us at 212-627-0444.





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