This is my MADRE, Not my Mother

My MADRE, the woman who brought me into this world, embodies what I believe a MADRE is through the resilient strength she demonstrates every day and her willingness to do more than what is asked of her with this strength.

My MADRE’s strength is powerful and inspiring. She has given birth to and raised three children in a way that seemed effortless, despite all the challenges of motherhood. She consistently provides a shoulder to lean on, and the strength to keep my world turning. What is most inspiring is that my MADRE finds her strength within and gives strength and hope to everyone around her. She is a beautiful source of inspiration and love, and has always been a guiding force in my life.

The morning of September 11th, my father boarded a plane to go on a work trip. Since he travels often for work and the trips are always short, my family didn’t get his flight information. My MADRE picked me, my sister and brother up from school the morning of the attacks so we could spend the difficult time at home together. Even though she was torn up inside not knowing if my dad was safe, she stayed strong for us- she was our rock. For the next two days we did not hear from my dad, but she was as strong as ever. She supported us, she gave us strength when we broke down and cried, and she offered us boundless love. The night of the second day after the attacks we heard from my father and he was safe. I will never forget the strength my mom held onto those few days and the strength she gave me to stay hopeful. She went beyond the call of being a mother and looked beyond herself to provide strength to those around her during this time. I see her strength shine through during all the trying experiences she has, and it is something that inspires me to be a strong independent woman like her- a MADRE.

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