The Aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac in Haiti’s IDP Camps

Over the weekend, our partners at KOFAVIV visited various displacement camps in and around Port-au-Prince to evaluate the damage done by Tropical Storm Isaac.  The heavy rains and strong winds uprooted trees and flooded homes. Most of the residents’ tents did not make it through Friday night’s storm; plastic tarps, clothes, and other belongings were completely damaged and left scattered on the camp grounds. During KOFAVIV’s survey of the camps, the residents shared their worries and conveyed to KOFAVIV staff their urgent need for potable water, food, and material to rebuild their homes.
By reaching out to these communities, KOFAVIV is providing support for the most vulnerable people, including children, new mothers and their infants, elders and people with disabilities. Find out how you can help give KOFAVIV the tools they need to respond quickly and effectively.

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