Speaking Out for Haitian Women

Last week, when we were in Haiti, we were able to share an amazing opportunity with our partners at KOFAVIV.

Invited by the fair trade organization Fairwinds Trading, Terry Lundgren (the CEO of Macy’s), Martha Stewart, and fashion designer Rachel Roy traveled to Haiti to meet with artisans and to see their work.

As part of their trip, Fairwinds Trading asked MADRE to introduce the three to our partners who are working to confront violence against women. It was so great that they came to visit the WE-LEAD Center (a safe space established in Port-au-Prince for women to gather and organize) and to meet with Haitian grassroots women leaders, including our partners at KOFAVIV.

In the New York Daily News, you can read about how Rachel Roy took the stories of women and girls from our partner organization, KOFAVIV, and presented them to Haitian President Michel Martelly.

The women of Haiti have a friend in Rachel Roy.

During the fashion designer’s trip to Port-au-Prince last week to explore business opportunities with Haitian artisans, sources say Roy extracted a promise from President Michel Martelly to protect the women being physically and sexually abused in the tent cities that sprang up after the Caribbean country’s devastating January 2010 earthquake.

To read more, click here.

Thank you so much to Rachel for giving voice to the priorities of Haitian women!

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