“Now I Have a New Mother – MADRE”

I have been sharing a lot of updates from my recent trip to Haiti. I blogged about the human rights trainings we conducted while there, shared exciting news about new draft legislation on violence against women and discussed the importance of aid beyond survival. But one of the most rewarding things about going to Haiti is the simple experience of being with the amazingly strong and inspirational women and girls of our partner organization, KOFAVIV. For this reason, I want to share with you something that came up in my conversation with a young woman at the KOFAVIV Women’s Center.

Sherly lost her parents in the 2010 earthquake, and she came to KOFAVIV to find support and assistance. As Sherly and I were talking, she noticed the MADRE bag I was holding on my lap. She said she knew about MADRE through her time at the KOFAVIV center.  She knew that MADRE is made up of lots of people who care about girls like her. And knew that MADRE is Spanish for “mother.” She said to me, “My mother died in the earthquake. But now I have a new mother — MADRE. That’s what all the girls here need, a mother.”

Sherly reminded me of the power of MADRE’s work, and the real change we bring to the women and girls of our sister organizations. Thank you! It’s because of your generosity that we are able to continue this crucial work.

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