MADRE’s Partners in Guatemala Demand an End to Gender-Based Violence

As the 16 Days against Gender-Based Violence campaign continues, we want to share a message we received from our partners in Guatemala. The Women Workers Committee has been dedicated to ending the epidemic of violence against women and girls in their community. Last Friday, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Women Workers Committee celebrated their achievements and demanded a future free of violence. Read their message and see pictures below:

On this very special day, we wish that it is full of strength and hope, for this tireless struggle that we women have undertaken in the promulgation and fight for our human rights. We are all united by one voice for the end of violence in Guatemala and around the whole world. We share our feelings and with this statement, a summary of our efforts so that more women can seek change for the improvement of our lives as well as the lives of our sons and daughters. Please circulate this statement to all women’s organizations and all who are living in this day with this experience.

On the mark of November 25th, day of the elimination of violence against women, our organization takes the commitment and extends regards to all the women in the world, especially Guatemalan women.

We express our repudiation at the different violations of our women and specifically against the violent means of femicide in our country, which is a result of the unequal power relations and exercise of power between men and women. This alarming situation is costing the life of a Guatemalan women every single day.

In memory of our sisters and colleagues who have been murdered in their struggle and fight for change and respect for our rights, such as the case of our colleague and friend, Rosemery Gonzalez, who was violently denied the right to live or work at her young age, so we send our sorority and solidarity and keep on fighting. It is not just the family that seeks justice, but also the women workers of Guatemala and women around the world that are present in her defense.


To the government of Guatemala to guarantee the right to live.

To respect and strengthen the mechanisms, demands and complaints at the Ministry of Public and entities level that engage in them.

To respect the law of femicide and to strengthen the laws that are in favor of the rights of Guatemalan women.

To respect the right and access to work in equal conditions.


To the grassroots organizations, civil society organizations and sister organizations to energetically denounce the cruel murders and deaths of Guatemalan women.

That is why we join our voices of change, saying all together one thing.

  • No more beating women.
  • No more rape and exploitation of our rights.
  • No more rape of girls and young women.
  • No more death of women.
  • No more corruption.
  • No more impunity.
  • Women: United against violence and femicide in Guatemala.

Fighting for the end of violence and respect of our rights.


Women of MADRE's Guatemalan partner organization, the Women Workers Committee (c) Elizabeth Rappaport
Sandra Gonzalez, leader of the Women Workers Committee, at the march for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (c) Elizabeth Rappaport
Marchers hold up signs demanding an end to the silence (c) Elizabeth Rappaport
Sandra Gonzalez stands with Betty Gonzalez, whose daughter Rosemery was murdered three years ago (c) Elizabeth Rappaport
A woman stands in front of Missing Persons posters, most of whom are women (c) Elizabeth Rappaport

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