A Women’s Human Rights Agenda for the G8: Poverty and Economic Injustice

On May 18, leaders of the world’s eight largest economies (the G8) will gather at Camp David, a walled-off retreat reserved for the US President and his guests. There, they will make decisions that will affect all of us, no matter where we live.

But women’s human rights advocates refuse to be ignored. We are putting forward our own G8 agenda. We need your input to craft it.

Every day, we’ll be addressing the priorities that should be on the G8 agenda. We’re asking you to submit your comments, concerns and suggestions. Together, we can craft an agenda that voices the demands of women’s human rights advocates around the world.

Today, we’re looking at Poverty and Economic Injustice:

This Is the Reality:

Income Inequality: G8 policies protect the richest at the expense of the rest. When governments value private profits above the public good, poverty and instability result.

Labor Rights Violations: The rights to unionize and to be free from gender discrimination are essential. But workers worldwide are routinely denied protection for internationally recognized labor rights.

A Broken Aid System: Aid today is insufficient and ineffective. It often does not reach where it is needed most. It does not address the root causes of poverty and inequality. What’s more, aid delivery perpetuates dependency and is conditioned on policies that enrich the G8.

This Is Our Vision. Women Demand G8 Policies That:

Recognize the many ways women fuel economies, from performing unpaid work as caregivers to sustaining informal economies.

Safeguard access to basic services, like health, housing, education, water and sanitation.

Support proven strategies to end poverty—like investment in social safety nets and girls’ education.

Ensure that aid delivery is effective, transparent and boosts local efforts.

Add your voice here.

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