A MADRE Supporter Stands Up for Families in Iraq

This guest blog entry is reprinted, with permission, from an email we recently received from a MADRE supporter, Paul Siemering.

Today I got a letter from MADRE and OWFI about the children in Haweeja, and while Fallujah was not mentioned in this letter, I know that the same problems exist there, and have for many years. Like many people who opposed these wars from the beginning, I feel compelled to do what I can. And I will.

But at the same time I feel a desperate need to confront the U.S. military and the Obama administration about the humanitarian crises they have left in the wake of their wars. We all know what is spent for weapons. They could trade in one cruise missile or one drone for all the medical supplies, prosthetics and wheel chairs that are needed.

More to the point, however, is the principle we all learned as toddlers: clean up the mess you made. I believe there is an urgent need for the Pentagon and all the war makers to include in their budgets enough to pay for healing the people their wars leave behind. For example, they do not even feed the kids in wrecked cities where no food can be found. This is unconscionable. The damage done by the warfare itself is already more than horrible enough. But to then walk away, looking for new victims, never looking back at what they’ve done….This cannot be tolerated.

Of course I have no idea how you would go about doing what I’m suggesting here. So far I have the thought that one congressman and one senator could make a speech to his colleagues. At least it would then be in the congressional record. Like when Dennis [Kucinich] makes one of his lonely anti-war speeches. But we will certainly need much more than that.

They must not be allowed to keep this hidden from the world.

MADRE is committed to standing by our sisters in Iraq, who are struggling to rebuild communities impacted by war—like mothers and families in Haweeja. To stand with us, click here to join the Haweeja Action Team.

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